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By creating a digital DNA map of all
applications that are allowed to run on an
endpoint, we prevent the execution of any
malicious code, or any code, that does not
have a verified map.

Features & Capabilities

  • Verifies in Memory

    Verifies the integrity of executing code throughout the runtime lifecycle

    • Viruses and Malware are only effective when they can run. By monitoring every app and service in memory we are able to prevent them from infecting a network
  • Detection

    Detects attempted execution of foreign and injected software

    • Provides immediate Endpoint vaccination, including already infected Endpoints
    • Prevents future infections with continuous runtime Endpoint surveillance
    • Captures malicious instruction sequences as forensic information
  • Infection Prevention

    Any attempt to execute malicious code is prevented before it starts

    • Alert or Alert and Terminate on any foreign or malicious attacks
    • Capture deep forensic information about attack and origin


The Application is the New Perimeter

The enterprise network has become increasingly complex as the perimeter has expanded beyond the desktop and servers, with applications and users everywhere. Mobile and cloud based applications continue to drive demand for anytime, anywhere access. The application is the new perimeter, and ensuring computational integrity is security’s next great achievement.

Unique Deterministic Detection

A Digital DNA Map of each function within an application is created, generated from a known, trusted source. Published to the Map Manager and provisioned to each Endpoint, Digital Immunity works in real-time, continually monitoring that the applications haven’t been modified in memory. Deep granular data retention on kernel-level activity meets compliance standards and provides actionable, real-time defense. A DNA Sensor kernel driver is installed on each Endpoint, delivering a lightweight approach that does not rely on complex, resource intensive, constant data collection. Our unique deterministic detection and prevention method does not involve signatures, hashes, behavioral analytics, predictive analysis, big data or machine learning.

Bioinformatics Methodology Conquers Current Industry Limitations

Protected by three patent family filings, Digital Immunity’s bioinformatics methodology is called Digital DNA Mapping, which validates the DNA executable code at the individual function level. No changes or additions to the source or executable code are required, and this perfectly secure technique avoids the high computational cost of repetitive run-time re-computation of cryptographic signatures or hashes. This methodology enables “adaptive immunity” for foreign code. Through high performance and strong forensics, Digital Immunity maintains an analog of immunological memory on each Endpoint that identifies running software as trusted or untrusted, without resource-intensive behavioral or cryptographic techniques, hash codes or signatures.

Easy to Deploy & Administer

No false positive or negatives eliminates alert fatigue. Traditionally A/V, security type products are difficult to deploy and maintain. Our engineers have gone to great lengths to build in sophisticated deployment and management techniques that make the Digital Immunity a product you will not have to babysit all day.


Conventional approaches to endpoint security simply don’t work. They leave us vulnerable and under constant administrative pressure. We believe it is easier to protect the handful of applications running on your endpoint than to try to defend against every new virus or malware attack.


John Murgo

John Murgo

Founder, CEO, and Chairman
Henry Tumblin

Henry Tumblin

Jeff Gore

Jeff Gore

SVP Sales & Business Development

Advisory Board

Dan Geer

Dan Geer

CISO at In-Q-Tel
Reginald Hyde

Reginald Hyde

Exec. Director of Cyber Institute at UA
Alan Matthews

Alan Matthews

Founder and Chairman at Rapid7
Andrew Gilman

Andrew Gilman

Chief Customer Officer at Immuta
Deidre Diamond

Deidre Diamond


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