Digital Immunity

The Market Leader in
Bioinformatic based Cybersecurity
and Endpoint Protection.

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• DI Sensors & DI Map Generators self-updates

• DI Collector for multi-site aggregation of alerts

• DI High Availability for clustering & operational load balancing

• Byte Code protection against CLR loading of .NET assemblies

• Neutralize Malicious Script, Shellcode, Reflective
   and JavaScript Injection ... and more



Realtime Bioinformatic

Operational Technology

Digital Immunity prevents cyber-attacks from impacting
manufacturing uptime, productivity, and revenue


What’s New in Digital Immunity DI PROTECT™ v3.0

New features & functions

Under the hood enhancements & fixes

Extended Platform Support

Enhanced cyber threat defenses

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Revolutionizing Cyber-threat Protection

In Memory, Run-Time Protection

Solutions for Modern Cyber Warfare

How We Help:

  • Prevent and Detect the Execution of Malware / Ransomware – File or Fileless

  • In Memory at Runtime – when Applications are most Vulnerable

  • No Pre-Existing Knowledge of Exploits or Vulnerabilities Needed

  • Threat Intelligence – Forensics Artifacts at Point of Attack

  • Remediate at the Endpoint

  • Lightweight Sensor in Kernel

Our Products

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Our Company

Digital Immunity doesn’t just protect your organization, we protect your sanity.


Modern day attacks are more often file-less, not file-based with a goal to get foreign code to execute in memory.


Network-based security is not enough to keep OT and ICS systems productive and secure.


A detailed look at how LockerGoga gets in your OT environment and what you can do to protect your critical OT devices and infrastructure.


Digital Immunity Threat Researchers have reviewed the BlueKeep Vulnerability, released May 14th 2019 by Microsoft, and have assessed how foreign code would be inserted into memory by a BlueKeep exploit.

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