Forecasting an Uncertain Future:

Cybersecurity Challenges to Come

Featuring Dan Geer, CISO In-Q-Tel

Attackers will not go away, but sharply constraining the scope
of their damage is a win.

Learn about future Cybersecurity threats and how to protect yourself.

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Run-Time Protection

In Memory,

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By creating a digital DNA map of all
applications that are allowed to run on an
endpoint, we prevent the execution of any
malicious code, or any code, that does not
have a verified map.

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You can’t keep up with the Cyber Warfare. Now you don’t have to.

In Memory, Run-Time Protection

Solutions for Modern Cyber Warfare

How We Help:

  • Prevent and Detect the Execution of Malware / Ransomware – File or Fileless
  • In Memory at Runtime – when Applications are most Vulnerable
  • No Pre-Existing Knowledge of Exploits or Vulnerabilities Needed
  • Threat Intelligence – Forensics Artifacts at Point of Attack
  • Remediate at the Endpoint
  • Lightweight Sensor in Kernel

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Our Company

Our Company

Digital Immunity doesn’t just protect your organization, we protect your sanity.

Six Endpoint Security Practices

Explore Critical Focus Areas to Ensure Your Future Cyber Security Strategies are Successful

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Nicole Woods – Insite Data Services
“Before deploying Digital Immunity I thought it would take weeks to map all 22,000 applications. I had visions of late nights, weekends and a lot of disruption. But I was wrong. It took only a matter of hours over one weekend for everything to me mapped and ready for protection. Better yet, the hours each week I was spending patching our systems against security leaks has been eliminated. I’ve gotten so much time back to focus on business imperatives.”

The Perils of Patching

The Perils of Patching

Don’t be addicted to the patch cycle!
Learn how to avoid Patch Fatigue.

Failures of Artificial Intelligence

Vulnerabilities and Failures of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Defenses.

Digital Immunity Insights

Digital Immunity Insights

Launch your expertise of trending CyberSecurity issues!

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