About Us

About Digital Immunity 

Digital Immunity, an IQT Portfolio company that is revolutionizing cyber-threat protection, bridges the gap between real-time threat prevention and 24/7, mission-critical environments so security no longer takes a back seat to production.  We provide advanced malware prevention on mission-critical devices in Operational Technology environments, with no impact to production or system performance.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Burlington, MA, Digital Immunity provides revolutionary cyber-threat prevention solutions, DI PROTECT™, for modern cyberwarfare.   Our patented Digital DNA Mapping technology prevents advanced threats, including APT’s and zero-day attacks, from executing in memory at runtime, hardening your mission-critical operating systems and applications, with no disruption of processes or production.  Using Digital Immunity’s Control Center you can mobilize your security team with real-time actionable alerts and forensics artifacts in context.

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