Who We Are?

Digital Immunity delivered trust-centric runtime integrity to prevent and protect companies from being successfully attacked by malware and ransomware.  Today, companies fall victim to cyber-attacks daily; more than 4,000 ransomware attacks alone occur every day.

What’s Digital Immunity’s Differentiation?

By hardening the Operating Systems and Applications in memory at run time, Digital Immunity’s patented technology detects any change in the process execution and terminates the attack. This technology was derived from experts responsible for defending against polymorphic attacks such as Stuxnet and has been recognized by leading industry analysts as the only company within NGES (Next Generation Endpoint Security) to prevent & future proof systems from these types of Fileless attacks.

Why should you  join our team?

We are an exciting Security Software Startup with funding, a renowned Board of Advisors, currently driving revenue and hiring!