Digital Immunity E-book Series

Digital Immunity DI PROTECT™

and Operational Technology

A "Deep Dive" E-book Series

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Digital Immunity has created a series of short, “Deep Dive” E-Book’s for prospects who want to learn more about how DI PROTECT™ keeps manufacturing OT both productive and secure prior to engaging with Digital Immunity engineers for a DEMO.

Feel free to download any or all of these documents, consume at your own pace, and share with other stakeholders.

Operational Technology:

Critical Assets and Digital Immunity

You can’t protect what you can’t see. Until now, gaining visibility into mission critical Operating Systems and Applications running within OT meant production disruption. DI PROTECT™ changes the game, bringing real time visibility and prevention of malware, in memory, at run time, with no load or latency to production devices.

Operational Technology:

Engineering and Digital Immunity

OT engineers tasked with maintaining availability and uptime of production already have a full plate. Protecting your critical assets shouldn’t mean increasing their workload. See how DI PROTECT™ can eliminate emergency patching, saving valuable engineering resources and vastly improving employee morale.


Operational Technology:

The Purdue Model and Digital

The Manufacturing Zone of the Purdue Model, levels 1, 2 and 3, contain critical production systems that, left unprotected from cyber-threat, can impact both uptime and revenue. See how DI PROTECT™ prevents malware from executing, in memory, at run-time, hardening the OS and it’s related applications, keeping you both productive and secure.


Operational Technology:


A Defense-in-Depth strategy is commonly deployed across Manufacturing OT environments. Along with Intrusion Detection Systems, DI PROTECT™ is a critical component of an effective security strategy in OT, ensuring that critical workstations and servers are protected from cyber-threats, keeping them both productive and secure.


Operational Technology:

Windows 7 & Server 2008 Support Ends January 2020

Microsoft has announced that support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 will end in January, 2020. Digital Immunity can help protect these legacy systems, hardening the OS and its related applications, eliminating the need for emergency patching, keeping critical OT systems both productive and secure.


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