Digital Immunity, LLC. Launches DI Protect V2: Revolutionary Cyber-threat Prevention for Operational Technology and Controlled IT Environments

DI Protect V2 Prevents Any Attempt to Execute Malicious Code Before It Starts

BURLINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Digital Immunity, LLC, an IQT Portfolio company that is revolutionizing cyber-threat protection and bridging the gap between real-time threat prevention and 24/7, mission critical environments, today announced the release of DI Protect Version 2.0. DI Protect V2 and DI Server Protect V2 are Microsoft Windows based cybersecurity software products that deliver true threat prevention, in memory at run time, allowing companies to stay both productive and secure.

DI Protect V2 and DI Server Protect V2 hardens operating systems and applications with advanced DNA mapping technology that completely prevents, in real time, both known and zero-day attacks, file or file-less, with zero false positives. DI Protect V2 requires no reboots, eliminating impact to 24/7, mission critical environments. Emergency patching becomes a thing of the past. Companies can be less reactive and more efficient.

DI Protect V2 has many features and benefits:

  • Bioinformatics Methodology, called Digital DNA Mapping, hardens operating systems and applications, preventing the execution of any malicious or unauthorized code.
  • Detects and Prevents the execution of malware and ransomware, file or file-less, including the detection of malicious PowerShell, BAT and JavaScript, injected Shellcode and reflective DLL injections.
  • In Memory at Runtime prevention on Microsoft Windows devices and servers.
  • Lightweight Sensor that runs in the kernel, requiring no reboots or downtime to install or update, eliminating impact to productivity.
  • Threat Intelligence from detailed forensics artifacts at the point of attack, improving your response and recovery time.
  • Easy to Use, now with expanded UI features that give administrators the visibility and control they need over systems and applications in their environment.

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Supporting Quote:

John Murgo, Founder/President & CEO

“Operational Technology (OT) and Controlled IT environments are facing a similar dilemma: how to prevent cyberattacks from negatively impacting system and application uptime, production schedules, and ultimately revenues. The application is the new perimeter, and ensuring computational integrity is security’s next great achievement. DI Protect V2 and DI Server Protect V2 is a revolutionary step in preventing the execution of malware and ransomware, ensuring companies stay productive and secure.”

About Digital Immunity

Digital Immunity, LLC, an IQT Portfolio company that is revolutionizing cyber-threat protection, bridges the gap between real-time threat prevention and 24/7, mission critical environments so security no longer takes a back seat to production. We provide advanced cyber-threat prevention in Operational Technology, as well as controlled, mission critical IT environments with no impact to production or system performance. Our patented Digital DNA Mapping technology prevents advanced threats, including APT’s and zero-day attacks, from executing in memory at runtime, hardening your mission critical operating systems and applications. For more information, visit


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