Digital Immunity, LLC. Releases Advanced Features in its Flagship Product, DI PROTECT™:
Revolutionary Cyber-threat Prevention for Operational Technology (OT) Environments

DI PROTECT™ Prevents Any Attempt to Execute Malicious Code Before It Starts

BURLINGTON, MA – February 13, 2019 – Digital Immunity, LLC, an IQT Portfolio company that is revolutionizing cyber-threat protection and bridging the gap between real-time threat prevention and 24/7, mission critical environments, today announced the release new, advanced features in its flagship product, DI PROTECT™, a Windows-based cybersecurity software product that delivers true threat prevention, in memory at run time, allowing companies to stay both productive and secure.

DI PROTECT™ and DI Server PROTECT™ include new features that extends its robust prevention capabilities for Operational Technology (OT) environments.  Apart from the advanced detection mechanisms that monitor, identify and prevent malicious threats and attacks, DI PROTECT™ now ships with a new advanced security countermeasure that defuses, with surgical precision, the malicious part of a running process in real time without interfering with, or stopping, the legitimate processes.  This new patented feature ensures the integrity of the application, maintaining uptime, and is a further testimonial to Digital Immunity’s commitment towards being a top innovator in the cyber-security sphere.

DI PROTECT™ has many additional new features: 

  • Advanced Security Countermeasure – defuses the malicious part of a running process without interfering with the legitimate processes.
  • Time-based Protection Schedule enforce different protection policies depending on time and day of the week.
  • Active Directory Support – enables a deeper integration with Active Directory and leverages its capabilities for single sign-on and enhanced access control protection.
  • DI PROTECT™ Rest API our own API to enable seamless integration with 3rd party SIEMs and solutions.
  • Syslog (LDAP) Integration publish incidents to popular commercial syslog compatible SIEMs using Syslog over TCP.
  • Splunk SIEM Integration publish alerts to Splunk SIEM to bridge the gap between security operations and incident response.
  • Enhanced Compliance – access to the Audit Trail via the DI PROTECT™ Control Center
  • Application Activity Tracking analyze and follow the lifetime of a process from start to end.

DI PROTECTTM and DI Server PROTECTTM ensure that the integrity of any application, custom or shrink-wrapped, is preserved without compromising productivity or performance so that you can stay productive, stay secure!

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Supporting Quote:

John Murgo, Founder/President & CEO

“DI PROTECT™ is a continuation of our commitment to keep customers, especially in Manufacturing Operational Technology (OT), both productive and secure.  The ability to defuse a malicious process in real-time without interfering with the running application, extends our ability to ensure that uptime of critical systems and production lines are maintained while providing the best cyber-threat prevention available on the market today.  Digital Immunity is the only company that provides in memory, real-time detection, cleansing and prevention of all cyber-threats, known and unknown, file-based or file-less attacks – complete with detailed forensic data about the attack in context”

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Digital Immunity, LLC, an IQT Portfolio company that is revolutionizing cyber-threat protection, bridges the gap between real-time threat prevention and 24/7, mission critical environments so security no longer takes a back seat to production.  We provide advanced cyber-threat prevention in Operational Technology, as well as controlled, mission critical IT environments with no impact to production or system performance. Our patented Digital DNA Mapping technology prevents advanced threats, including APT’s and zero-day attacks, from executing in memory at runtime, hardening your mission critical operating systems and applications.  For more information, visit

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