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Digital Immunity PROTECT™

Prevent Data Loss.  Maintain System Availability.  Protect the Business.


Digital Immunity Server PROTECT™

Digital Immunity PROTECT™

  • Protect High Value Critical Digital Assets
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Database Servers
  • Phishing Attack Prevention
  • Continuous End User Productivity Assurance
  • Approved Business Application Continuity

The Digital Immunity engine has three primary components:

Protection for both commercial off the shelf software and custom developed code.
  • Analyzes software components of the system prior to first use
  • Extracts the digital DNA
  • Publishes each component’s map to the Map Manager for protection

Leverages a lightweight sensor on the endpoint for continuous enforcement of software integrity.
  • Uses the DNA maps for detection of foreign, unexpected code.
  • Terminates the offending process when an attack is discovered, per policy invoked.
  • Captures forensic details and sends desired alerts to the security administrator

Uses a database on a virtual system to define good software mappings for applications.
  • DNA Sensor – maps the endpoint it resides on to validate all process execution at the local level.
  • Operates even if network connectivity to the manager is not available
  • Digital Immunity DNA Map Manager/Control Center is available as a virtual appliance

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In Memory Verification

Verifies the integrity of executing code throughout the runtime lifecycle

  • Viruses and Malware are only effective when they can run. By monitoring every app and service in memory we are able to prevent them from infecting a network


Prevents any attempt to execute malicious code before it starts

  • Notify and/or Terminate on any foreign or malicious attacks
  • Capture deep forensic information about attack and origin


Detects attempted execution of foreign and injected software

  • Provides immediate Endpoint vaccination, including already infected Endpoints
  • Prevents future infections with continuous runtime Endpoint surveillance
  • Captures malicious instruction sequences as forensic information

Ease of Deployment

  • Automated deployment in hours
  • No special skills required
  • Low total cost of ownership

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What Makes Digital Immunity Revolutionary?

  • In memory at run-time prevention

  • Completely self-contained

  • Real prevention, unlike traditional AV detection
    –  no pre-existing knowledge of threats needed

  • Hardening of OS and Applications

  • No False Positives

  • No patch fatigue

  • No extraction of data for analysis in the cloud

  • Provides threat intelligence in context via the Control Center dashboard

  • Remediation takes place on the endpoint, at the kernel

  • Works on “gray” systems as well, due to DNA mapping process

  • Doesn’t need to learn or update – not dependant on AI or machine/behavioral learning

Digital Immunity PROTECT™ is revolutionizing cyber-threat protection, bridging the gap between real-time prevention and 24/7, mission-critical environments so security no longer takes a back seat to production.

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