Digital Immunity DI PROTECT™

Cyber-threat Prevention for Operational Technology Environments

Hardening OS and Applications   ~   Eliminating Emergency Patching

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Operational Technology

Digital Immunity prevents cyber-attacks from impacting
manufacturing uptime, productivity, and revenue

Manufacturing has increasingly become a target for cyber-attacks, leaving critical SCADA and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) at risk.
The DI PROTECT™ family of cyber-threat prevention solutions deliver world-class cyber-threat prevention, in memory at run-time, on critical Operational Technology (OT) workstations and servers.

DI PROTECT™ Workstation

Optimized for MS Windows desktop
operating systems


Optimized for MS Windows server
operating systems

  • Hardens the OS and it’s applications from tampering or the execution of foreign or malicious code

  • Easy to deploy, decreasing time-to-value

  • Integrates with existing workflows, simplifying post deployment management and reducing resource strain

  • Provides visibility across all operating systems and applications

  • Deep forensics artifacts in context at point of attack

DI PROTECT™, in any combination of DI PROTECT™ Workstation and DI PROTECT™ Server, has three primary components :

DI PROTECT™ DNA Map Generator

Analyzes OS and application files to produce a digital DNA Map of the system. DNA Maps are published to the Map Manager for use by the DI PROTECT™ sensor.

DI PROTECT™ Server & Workstation Sensor

A kernel driver that inspects and verifies the integrity of executing code, in memory at run-time, against it’s trusted state and DNA Map.  When foreign or malicious code attempts to execute, the DI PROTECT™ sensor enforces configurable prevention or notification policies.

DI PROTECT™ DNA Map Manager (Control Center)

Manages digital DNA Maps.  Acts as a central reporting, forensics, policy management and status interface (DI PROTECT™ Control Center).  Configurable multi-tenancy.  Single-pane-of-glass view of all protected systems.

How DI PROTECT™ Components Deliver Cyber-threat Protection


Revolutionary Prevention

  • Hardens the OS

    and it’s applications from tampering or the execution of foreign or malicious code including zero-day, APTs and ransomware attacks

  • Protection in memory, at run-time

    when and where workstations and servers are most vulnerable Prevents attacks on un-patchable systems, end-of-life and out-of service OS’s

  • Immunizes workstations and servers

    against all file, file-less, known and unknown malware. Requires no signature updates, no behavioral analysis cycles, no AI algorithms or machine learning

Improved Time-to-Value

  • Easy to deploy

    decreasing time-to-value

  • Integrates with existing workflows

    simplifying post deployment management and reducing resource strain

  • Provides visibility

    across all operating systems and applications

  • DI sensor

    consumes less than 1% CPU usage – No reboot/downtime needed on deployment

  • Supports air-gapped environments

    no external or web connection

Increased Return-on-Investment

  • Eliminates emergency patching

    saving resource and downtime costs, improving employee morale by reducing night, weekend and holiday work that impacts family and quality of life.

  • Captures deep forensics artifacts

    in context at point of attack for rapid Incident Response.

  • Built-in multi-tenancy support

    and multi-site management – all from one central console

  • No False Positives

    eliminating wasted resource time and effort

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Data Sheet

Solution redundancy and threat visibility across multiple
sites are critical in responding to cyber-threats in OT.

DI PROTECT™ gives you complete solution redundancy
and global visibility from a single pane of glass.

The diversity and complexity of most manufacturing architectures will require these additional DI PROTECT™ products for redundancy and visibility :

DI PROTECT™ High Availability Server

Provides redundancy for the DI PROTECT™ DNA Map Manager, in either fail over or load balancing configurations.

DI PROTECT™ Collector

Provides a single pane of glass view into multiple DI PROTECT™ DNA Map Managers, across segments or across sites.

Speak with an OT Systems Engineer to learn how DI PROTECT™
will fit in your manufacturing environment.

DI PROTECT™ and Operational Technology:
A “Deep Dive” E-Book Series

Want to learn more about DI PROTECT™ before engaging with Digital Immunity engineers for a DEMO?  Check out our new “Deep Dive” E-Book Series.

What Makes DI PROTECT™ Revolutionary?

  • In memory at run-time prevention

  • Completely self-contained

  • Real prevention, unlike traditional AV detection
    –  no pre-existing knowledge of threats needed

  • Hardening of OS and Applications

  • No False Positives

  • No patch fatigue

  • No extraction of data for analysis in the cloud

  • Provides threat intelligence in context via the Control Center dashboard

  • Remediation takes place on the endpoint, at the kernel

  • Works on “gray” systems as well, due to DNA mapping process

  • Doesn’t need to learn or update – not dependant on AI or machine/behavioral learning