Thoughts: With Uber paying $100K to the data pirates to keep quiet, the bar is now set at $100K.

Thoughts: With Uber paying $100K to the data pirates to keep quiet, the bar is now set at $100K.

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In recent years the amount being paid out to hackers, data thieves, and government agencies continues to climb.  Only one of these entities does not understand the complex issues faced by companies – so lets focus on hackers and data thieves.

The widely reported “average amount” of ransomware paid these days varies from $200 to $1000 but from IBM’s Security study it was reported 50% of those responding to the IBM survey had paid over $10K, while a smaller portion (20%) paid over $40K.  With Uber paying out $100K to data thieves (of all things, to DELETE data) – is this the new bar ?  Understanding that the attack vectors are different – the end result is the same – payments being made to the bad guys for your own data.

Your data and it’s value continues to climb.  Americans lead the charge with 64% of victims paying out to access their own data.  Is the new norm to just pay? What is the right number to pay? Is there any guarantee that it will be restored (the answer is No) and will it happen again (the answer is Yes).

Is the right thing “not to pay”?  Great – as your business grinds to halt, as your customers begin to question what is going on, and your IT organization tries to REstore, REcover, and REmove what ever it is (because chances are you dont know).  As time ticks by, and business losses pile up, perhaps it’s time you chime in and REgret not just paying.

Step 1 – see what is in your environment.  Many experts say – it’s not a matter of if you will be hacked but when.  Cliche?  Yes. Is it True – also Yes. Malware, once it gets past your perimeter often goes undetected for 200 days.  Use a tool that gives you that real time visibility into an attack.  Not only that it’s happening but what is attacking you.  Take the first step – SEE what is in your environment.  Tools such as Digital Immunity give you that visibility.  Once you can see it – then we can talk about Step 2.

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