What’s New in Digital Immunity Version 3.0 of DI PROTECT™


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•  DI Sensors & DI Map Generators self-updates

•  DI Collector for multi-site aggregation of alerts

•  DI High Availability for clustering & operational load balancing

•  Byte Code protection against CLR loading of .NET assemblies

•  Neutralize Malicious Script, Shellcode, Reflective
    and JavaScript Injection ... and more

  DI PROTECT™ v3.0

Version 3.0 of the award-winning DI PROTECT™ has been released Monday January 21, 2020.

This upgrade focuses on operational efficiency and efficacy, with DI Protect receiving important updates and enhancements, which include:

  • Support for Microsoft Windows XP SP2 operating systems.
  • Enhanced protection against Privilege Escalation exploits.
  • DI Collector – Centralized multi-site DI PROTECT™ data access.
  • DI High Availability – DI PROTECT™ components clustering and operational load balancing.
  • Enhanced Countermeasures including Shellcode detection to prevent attackers from remotely gaining control of vulnerable systems to Prevent Byte Code attacks.
  • Detecting .NET assemblies being loaded via the CLR (Common Language Runtime) to prevent byte code attacks.
  • Enhanced Threat Hollowing to neutralize Reflective/PE Injection threats, Malicious Script threats and JavaScript Injection attacks.
  • Numerous other stability updates, fixes and performance enhancements.

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