What’s New in Digital Immunity Protect v2.1

An overview of the updates and optimizations made in Digital Immunity DI PROTECT™

What’s New in Digital Immunity DI PROTECT™

Digital Immunity (DI) Protect v2.1 includes many updates and enhancements:

Augmented Cyber-Threat Defenses

Augmenting our arsenal of effective cyber-defenses for unparalleled cyber-threat protection.

  • Defuse malicious processes in real-time without interfering with the legitimate parts of a
    running app. **PATENT-PENDING FEATURE**
  • Granular customization of Protection Policy Properties
  • Time based protection schedule – enforce different protection policies depending time
    and day of week.
  • Application activity tracking – Analyze and follow the lifetime of a process from start to

Active Directory Support

Enabling a deeper integration with AD to leverage its capabilities for:

  • Single Sign-on via AD credentials
  • Enhanced Access Control Protection

API and Syslog Integrations

Extensive features and functions for seamless integration with 3rd party systems

  • DI Protect Rest API – DI’s API to enable seamless integration with DI solutions.
  • Syslog (LDAP) – Publish incidents to popular commercial syslog compatible SIEMs using
    Syslog over TCP.
  • Splunk SIEM – Publish Alerts to Splunk SIEM to bridge the gap between security
    operations and incident response.

Enhanced Compliance via Audit Trail

  • Authenticated access to the Audit Trail via the DI Control Center in line with ISO27001.
  • Filters and search capabilities provided to support smoother analysis and investigation
    of the audit trail records.

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