A Solution to the U.S. Executive Order: Zero Trust Architecture

The Executive Order on Improving the Nations Cybersecurity was announced and published May 12, 2021, by the United States President.  Within this Executive Order contains Section 3: Modernizing Federal Government Cybersecurity, which covers moving towards and achieving a Zero Trust Architecture.

As defined within the Executive Order, “The Zero Trust security model eliminates implicit trust in any one element, node, or service and instead requires continuous verification of the operational picture via real-time information from multiple sources to determine access and other system responses.  If a device is compromised, zero trust can ensure that the damage is contained.  The Zero Trust Architecture security model assumes that a breach is inevitable or has likely already occurred, so it constantly limits access to only what is needed.”

Digital Immunity offers the solution to achieving a Zero Trust Architecture through a trust centric runtime integrity endpoint technology.  Deployment of Digital Immunity only allows what is known to be good and trusted at execution time and through the entire execution flow of the applications running on an endpoint device.  Digital Immunity’s unique memory validation technology meets the Zero Trust Architecture as defined within the Cyber Security Executive Order.

Existing trust-centric technologies include application whitelisting solutions, device guard and credential guard.  Above and beyond those trust-based solutions, Digital Immunity offers authentic Zero Trust architecture from the delivery of runtime integrity only allowing code that has been approved to execute in memory of the endpoint device.  With Digital Immunity implemented, not only to prevent the execution of code that is not trusted, but also to harden pre-approved trusted code to ensure the integrity of the code does not change during execution time or in memory during runtime.  That is how you define trust-centric runtime integrity.

No other technology exists to date to deliver the demands designated in the Cyber Security Executive Order to achieve the Zero Trust Architecture model on protected systems, preventing any code execution during runtime that is not already approved.

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